Refund policy

What happens if a damaged product arrives?

We guarantee the arrival of corals and other invertebrates, the animal or coral will only be replaced if it arrives dead. In no case does the replacement include the cost of shipping the animal or coral. If you detect any irregularity in your shipment, you must notify us within a maximum period of 2 hours from receipt. After this period we will not be responsible for any incident or error in the delivery. In case of receiving a dead animal or in poor condition it is essential to send a video, where the animal can be seen inside the unopened shipping bag. The demonstration of the death of the animal is mandatory. It will be necessary to provide a photographic or video proof where the dead animal can be clearly seen, inside the shipment bag and within a period of 2 hours from receipt of the same.

In no case is the money returned, you can only opt for a purchase voucher in the event that at that time no available animal is to the customer's liking.