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The Salifert Calcium test is capable of detecting calcium content from 10 mg / L.

The color shift is strong and makes it easy to detect significant fluctuations in a very small concentration of calcium. It is the only one to offer true accuracy and precision.

Calcium is an important component of coralline algae, the skeletal material of hard corals, and the needles of soft coral skeletons.

In many cases the calcium concentration is too low, and retards the growth of corals and coralline algae. In a healthy aquarium the growth and multiplication of corals, calcareous algae, and other organisms can lead to a reduction in calcium.

To maintain a stable environment it is important that the calcium content should not vary by more than 15 mg / L from the optimal range of 420 to 450 mg / L, therefore periodic tests should be carried out.

This means that any calcium test used must be significantly less accurate than 15 mg / L, otherwise it will be difficult to control these fluctuations. The Salifert test is accurate to 10 mg / L.

Color change is accurate and detects small but significant fluctuations in calcium concentration.

Can be used for marine, freshwater, or pond aquariums.

The kit can perform approximately 50-100 measurements

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